Singer, songwriter and actor. Julie Brenda was our guest on Out The Booth Podcast #otbpodke

With a voice like Julie Brenda’s, there is no better introduction than listening to her music. Time Machine is a song reminding us of love. When they are your first and last thought each day. Although artists don’t make art to be compared to other artists, it is them defining the world around them. They are holding up a mirror. Something that Julie Brenda has quite the way with. Her YouTube channel SessionwithBee has a variety of videos from make-up tutorials, DIY and song covers. But that’s not all Julie has also featured in a number of films. In hindsight her first song, Looking for a star seems to have been a prayer answered, fruits of a laborious journey. One that she shares with us on this episode of Out The Booth Podcast.

Julie is quite reserved but she has adapted to the social life. At first she wanted to be a hacker. But after shedding a few tears when she lost her chance in high school her outlook shifted. She was in unfamiliar ground, taking up new subjects that she hadn’t previously planned for. And she adapted. At the same time she was slowly getting to know herself. It was only after accompanying her friend to an audition at Sauti Academy, that she found her voice.

Looking for a Star was released in 2017 as she pursued music at ADMI. Interacting with others with a similar vision and also actively pursuing it pushed her to also poke the bear. A beautiful, emotional song that rings true as it strums your heartstrings. At the time she was only testing out the waters – could she do this? Was it a field she could play in? As it turns out she could. She stepped on stage and her skills only got better. Of course with her trusty guitar, he is her totem. But a familiar face in the audience also gives her that homely relaxation enough to get rid of the jitters.

I asked her about the reaction of folk at home when they first heard her music. It was weird. Plus she got all the attention which, to her, was a first. Her uncle heard it, like it but also had reservations. Tattoos aren’t a favourable accessory for most parents. Now becoming an artist in addition to having tattoos, he warned her about tempting the bear. She took that to heart and took her rime learning the ropes before getting fully involved. She still needed to put out music and finding songwriters was proving to be tough.

Signed to Mad Royals Entertainment, Time Machine is her latest release and unlike Looking for a Star she has more conviction on this one. Okecc Luke, the maestro, leads us in before Julie takes us back. Back to falling in love all over again. To late night romances before it became a title without power, without essence. She has also featured in Dream child – a film about the child of a broken family. In addition to that she is working on becoming a face model. And, she hasn’t given up on hacking, it’s all in the grand scheme for her. Making her father and herself proud, it seems that Julie looked hard enough, found the star and is constantly reaching for it.

Getting to hear Julie’s story makes it clear how much artists go through. Stories are what make us human and the most beautiful thing is everyone has a story. But they still manifest as we navigate through the twists of life. Switching between control and submission it is up to us to decide on direction, cast and scene. So what’s yours? Listen to the whole interview with Julie Brenda right here and tell us who you want to hear on the podcast.


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