Kenya : Podcasts, music and passion

Out The Booth Podcast on Radio Public

Music was still there though, but it felt void without the presenter(s) there to create an interlude. Then came the Spread Podcast by Karen and Kaz. Pioneers of the medium. That’s how I would refer to these two ladies. Seeing them take Radio on Demand and make a lifestyle out of it sparked an idea. What kind of a podcast can I make ?

Out The Booth Podcast (#otbpodKe) is a Kenyan music podcast whose main aim is to put Kenyan artists in front of their audience and prove that Kenyan music is just as good if not better than what comes from outside. Hosted by Eugene, LaMusicJunkie and the occasional guest, the podcast covers all genres from NuNairobi, Shrap, AfroFusion, HipHop, RnB and all other genres from Kenya. With an ever changing playlist and a broad coverage of the scene, this podcast is for :

  1. The artist – Listen in to interviews with established as well as budding artists as they tell all about their journey in the industry and get top tips on how they overcome the challenges. Also featuring PR. practitioners, managers, producers, radio personalities, IP lawyers, event organisers and djs.
  2. The fan – Tune in for the #otbpodkeplaylist covering genres from all across Kenyan regardless of the language, we are all about quality Kenyan artists with even better music to make your listening experience worthwhile.

Listen to new episodes weekly on Castbox, Radio Public and, Apple podcasts . We also take in submissions from those who would like to feature on the show – music from artists, requests for guest features and advertisers. Subscribe and get weekly updates with each new release.




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